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Spotify Is Paying Thousands for Anchor Sponsorships – New Report

Photo Credit: Spotify A new report suggests Spotify is paying thousands of dollars for Anchor sponsorships. Spotify reportedly paid $154 million for Anchor in February 2019. The podcast creation tool was part of its three-pronged strategy to expand its podcasting presence. While acquisitions like Gimlet Media and Parcast bring established shows, Spotify hoped Anchor would […]

Music Industry News

Pearl Jam Tribute Band ‘Pearl Jamm’ Changes Name After Legal Threats — Their New Name Is ‘Legal Jam’

After receiving legal threats over its name, Pearl Jam tribute band ‘Pearl Jamm Tribute’ has officially been renamed ‘Legal Jam’ – though the switch may have brought about additional name-related legal threats from a company that operates well outside the music space. In a Facebook post dated December 31st, 2020, the band formerly known as […]