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B Real Tells Talib Kweli His ‘All-Star Team’ Of Celebrities He’s Smoked Weed With

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The People’s Party With Talib Kweli continues to provide insightful commentary and discussion from the host and his guests, with the latest, B Real, coming through to talk about his music, early life growing up on the West Coast, and of course, his cannabis activism. That last one naturally prompts a smoking-related question, which has become a favorite genre of the People’s Party crew. When Kweli asks, “Who is your All-Star team of people that you’ve smoked with?” the answer includes some surprising celebrity names.

While Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa basically must make appearances in B Real’s list, some of the other names are a little more left field. B Real cites former heavyweight champion boxer/living meme Mike Tyson, former NBA player Matt Barnes, comedian/podcast host Joe Rogan, and even folk-rock singer Melissa Etheridge, who he says told a great story. He broke down how Stephen Stills (or David Crosby) told her that CBD could be a viable alternative to her usual cancer treatments. Like Talib Kweli, B Real is also hosting his own show these days, The Smokebox, where he interviews celebrities in his lowrider while toking up.

Previously on People’s Party, Talib and Jemele Hill discussed their favorite rapping NBA players, while Lamar Odom expressed regrets about not following Jay-Z’s record label advice.Check out the full episode above and subscribe to UPROXX Video on Youtube to see future episodes of People’s Party With Talib Kweli as they premiere.


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